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It’s becoming increasingly important to customers around the world. Sustainability in business is also important to those who run companies and to their employees because a business’ sustainability efforts are often a key factor in attracting and retaining talent. In a world that is increasingly becoming more and more resource-intensive, sustainable development projects are a great way to reduce our dependency on foreign goods along with assuring the correct use of natural resources assisting the long-term existence of humanity. Learn about all the different types of sustainable projects and efforts undertaken by amazing startups and companies.


Dr. Laura Bechthold is a social scientist and innovation professional from Munich. As a postdoctoral researcher at the Friedrichshafen Institute for Family Entrepreneurship at Zeppelin University, she works on questions regarding responsibility and decision paradigms of family entrepreneurs. As the Director of Science Services at Philoneos GmbH, she supports family firms in establishing organizational structures for innovation. Laura holds a BA in Business Administration (Zeppelin University), a Master of Business Research (LMU Munich) and an MSc in Sustainability Science and Policy (Maastricht University). Her PhD research focused on unconscious biases in female entrepreneurship.

Her field experimental study on female entrepreneurial role models was awarded twice at international conferences. Laura’s passion lies in building bridges between science and practice to foster an open dialogue and co-create solutions for an inclusive, sustainable and prospering society. Therefore, she contributes to EUTECH by writing about entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities for contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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