The European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) is a registered not-for- profit organization with a mission to empower European businesses by harnessing the potential of technology for the benefit of Europe and humanity. Guided by our visionary principle of “Technology Obliges,” we bring together individuals and organizations committed to leveraging technology for innovative solutions, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

I have been actively engaged with the chamber since 2015, initially serving as a board member. Building upon this experience, I had the privilege of assuming the role of Executive Director at EUTECH last summer. It fills me with pride to be deeply involved in advancing EUTECH’s mission and driving its expansion efforts. As part of our expansion plans, we established our headquarters in Bad Wiessee, Germany.

In 2015, the United Nations issued a global call to action through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity for all by 2030. However, I believe, there is still a long way to go in achieving these goals. The world faces numerous challenges to sustainability and human well-being, from climate change to social inequality. The SDGs provide a roadmap for addressing these urgent issues.

EUTECH supports technology best practices to make massive improvements in access to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, in collaboration with our advocates, supporters, and 16 strategic partners.

That’s why we have launched the SDG Awards initiative. This annual event celebrates the remarkable work of organizations and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Join us as we delve into EUTECH’s process of identifying and rewarding these groundbreaking projects and learn how they plan to replicate and scale their success to benefit even more regions.

The application process for the EUTECH SDG Awards consists of four stages: initial application, proof of work submission by qualifying applicants, public voting, and the final decision by judges. Once the finalists are announced, their projects are showcased through an extensive outreach campaign, garnering attention from a wider community. Inclusivity and democracy are at the core of the selection process, as the public is encouraged to vote for their favorite initiatives. Meanwhile, an esteemed panel of judges from various fields carefully evaluates the projects’ value, scalability, and potential for lasting impact. The final winners are chosen through a balanced assessment of public votes and expert judgments, ensuring transparency.

In addition to recognition, EUTECH rewards the winners and projects their achievements through social media handles. Each winner receives €10,000 valued marketing promotion package to promote their projects through EUTECH platform. Furthermore, EUTECH acknowledges the importance of scaling up these projects to benefit other regions and communities. By promoting knowledge sharing, cross- border collaboration, and resource access, EUTECH aims to create a ripple effect that contributes to the global achievement of the SDGs.

In this special edition of “Visions for Europe,” we focus on the SDGs and the prestigious SDG Awards. We take great pride and joy in providing a platform for successful companies to showcase and elaborate on their exceptional ideas. Through interviews, we capture the essence of their journey, shedding light on the challenges they have faced and their future prospects for the award-winning projects.

Amid unprecedented challenges, it is heartening to witness individuals and organizations dedicated to finding solutions. The EUTECH SDG Awards 2022-23 exemplify such an initiative, recognizing and rewarding innovators committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Through a rigorous selection process, EUTECH has identified outstanding projects that have demonstrated significant impact on society and the environment. These projects meet all the necessary criteria to earn recognition and awards. It is worth noting that these projects come from diverse regions across the globe, not just Europe. This demonstrates our commitment to transparency and unwavering support for organizations and individuals who make a difference not only in their local communities but also for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

The winners represent various sectors, including technology, healthcare, education, and social enterprise. They are united in their commitment to changing the world, and their projects have a tangible impact on people’s lives.

One notable winner is Wide Therapy, a company that provides online therapy to underserved global communities. Wide Therapy’s platform allows people to access therapy regardless of their income or geographic location.

Another commendable winner is Ecodorp Boekel, a sustainable community in the Netherlands. Ecodorp Boekel serves as a model for sustainable living, inspiring communities worldwide to follow suit.

As the Executive Director of EUTECH, I am incredibly proud to support these organizations and their work. I firmly believe that the SDGs are a call to action, and I am committed to doing my part in achieving them.

It is also worth mentioning that this initiative is made possible through collaboration between the EU Tech Chamber and the European Senate of Economy. This joint effort highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving common goals by pooling resources and expertise. We are eager to foster further collaboration between EUTECH and various European public and private organizations in pursuit of our shared mission.

We warmly welcome the active participation of governments, recognizing that their involvement, ideas, and financial contributions significantly enhance our collective impact. While EUTECH is dedicated to driving change, we acknowledge that our efforts alone may not yield the desired transformation without robust support. Nevertheless, we remain committed to making a difference, even if it means forging ahead independently.

I congratulate all the winners of the EUTECH SDG Awards 2022-23 for their hard work and dedication to creating a sustainable future. May this recognition inspire them to continue driving positive change in society through innovative technological solutions. We encourage them to maintain their commitment even after the competition ends because there is always room for improvement when addressing humanity’s most pressing issues!

For those who didn’t win but were recognized as finalists, I urge you to keep working hard! Collaborating with EUTECH in the future may bring unexpected opportunities. Together, we can build a better tomorrow!

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