Question#1 What was your company’s distinctive strategy for incorporating technology to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal?

Our distinctive strategy for incorporating technology to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals revolve around leveraging digital solutions to enhance connectivity and provide transformative experiences. We utilize the cultural software Mighty Networks as a virtual community center, accessible through a downloadable app. In the future, we are excited to explore the potential of virtual reality (VR) to expand our coaching capabilities and offer immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. This innovative approach aims to provide even more impactful and personalized support to our community members and customers. Through the strategic integration of technology, we remain dedicated to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goal by creating inclusive and accessible spaces that foster collaboration, learning, and personal growth.

Question#2 What challenges did you face while working on your project/ initiative, and how did you overcome them?

We are motivated by a clear purpose, seeking to ignite a fresh awareness for regenerative cultures, foster efficient collaboration, and challenge outdated mindsets. While the significance of “collective transformation” is widely recognized, it is not an immediate selling point, unlike something people and organizations actively seek to acquire. Currently, for organizations, it is often viewed as an optional extra, akin to team building and bonding, rather than as a strategic approach to engaging and empowering individuals both within and beyond the organization. Individuals are primarily drawn to the prospect of personal growth and development.

To enhance our relevance and impact, we are currently developing a framework that achieves two objectives. Firstly, it helps people understand the interconnectedness between personal growth (“I RISE”) and a new collective mindset (“WE RISE”). Secondly, it addresses collective barriers to change, such as the fear of failure, by reassessing underlying assumptions and narratives. This approach will support individuals in updating their self-concept and establishing more sustainable behaviors.

If you see an open door to bring this kind of micro-dosed approach to changing habits into your organization and community, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Question#3 How did you involve local communities and stakeholders in your work, and what was their response?

To date, our primary focus has been on collaborating with executives, consultants, and coaches who serve as catalysts within their contexts and communities. However, recognizing that our thinking and approach hold value not only for the global business and changemaker communities but also for educating younger generations, we aspire to establish partnerships with local schools. Our goal is to support them in integrating the concept of “From I Rise to We Rise” into their curricula and activities, fostering a new collective mindset. By engaging with schools, we aim to empower young minds with a belief in collaborative growth and inspire them to contribute to a collective transformation. The first conversations around this have already started.

Question#4 Which organizational skills and assets can be harnessed to provide its goods/services without negative environmental and social impacts?

The key organizational skills and assets that can be leveraged to provide goods/services without negative environmental and social impacts lie in the collective intelligence, creativity, and problemsolving capacity of the organization. Creating an environment conducive to collaboration and unlocking untapped potential is crucial for bringing about positive outcomes. We are dedicated to contributing to and cultivating this kind of interrelational space that enhances these qualities as a kind of new “infrastructure” for transformation.

Currently, I am not aware of any negative environmental or social impacts associated with our approach. Our focus remains on harnessing the organization’s strengths and assets to ensure that our goods/services are delivered in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Question#5 What is the role of businesses, governments, and civil society in achieving the SDGs, and how can they work together?

It is our shared responsibility to realize the SDGs as soon as possible. Businesses and entrepreneurs can help by applying their superpower, that is developing solutions that benefit people and the planet and drive change in consumption patterns without waiting for the market to demand it.

Governments are key to redefining the legal conditions. Any activity harming the wellbeing of people and the planet should no longer be legitimate.

Civil society is our societal soil. We all can become agents to stop the deepening of our separation, and instead help overcome polarity thinking and realign our actions towards the greater good for all. By pooling resources, knowledge, and perspectives, we can accelerate progress and forge a more regenerative future that benefits all.

Question#6 What impact has your project had, and what are your future goals?

Our key realization has been that “Sustainable Development” and “Regeneration” are being created in the way we connect and collaborate with each other before those ideas are turned into tangible products and solutions. As human beings, we exist in so-called “intersubjectivity”. The quality of these relational spaces relies on our maturity and capacity to hold diverse perspectives, tap into deeper levels of knowledge, and unleash collective creativity. Our stakeholders have embarked on their self-development journeys (“I RISE”), recognizing the need for advanced social ecosystems. Moving forward, our aim is to launch global outreach campaigns focusing on critical skills that enable radical collaboration and partnerships. By mastering these skills, one at a time, we can unlock transformative collaborations and drive meaningful progress across sectors.

Question#7 What advice do you have for individuals/organizations seeking to create positive change and contribute to the SDGs?

Take the leap and begin. Fully commit yourself. Engage with like-minded individuals. Have faith in the process. We are on the verge of a tipping point where the pace of change will intensify even more. Your participation is essential. We rely on your unwavering dedication to join the movement towards co-creating a world that is more regenerative.

Question#8 How would receiving this SDG Award help you improve your impact and scale your project?

I am thrilled about this incredible opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of both personal development (“I RISE”) and collective transformation (“WE RISE”). My aspiration is to expand the outreach of our programs and initiatives and discover enthusiastic partners who are eager to collaborate on implementing a novel micro dosed habit-changing program on a larger scale. Together, we can make a greater impact and bring about real change.