In the continuously changing world of European business, the merging of innovation and responsibility stands out as a symbol of advancement. As I take on the role of Executive Director at the EU Tech Chamber, an organization deeply committed to propelling European companies forward under the guiding principle of “Technology Obliges,“ I am delighted to address you. We‘re not just people who work together – we‘re like a team of champions who support progress. Imagine we‘re all part of a big puzzle, each with our own goals and dreams, but all working together to make things better. I‘ll be honest with my words as I attempt to uncover the connection between innovation, responsibility, and the mission of the EU Tech Chamber in shaping a brighter future for European businesses.

Our chamber boasts a dedicated and talented team of over 60 members, each bringing a diverse range of experiences to our collective effort. EUTECH is structured around 16 Alliances, categorized into three sectors. These Alliances are under the guidance of Directors and Coordinators who support Advocates (members) by facilitating access to various business opportunities through our extensive network.

Our organization encompasses multiple departments, including IT, Development, and Marketing. Within these departments, teams of experts contribute their exceptional knowledge to their respective areas. The IT department manages all technical issues, while the development team is responsible for creating our tech forum, which hosts all our digital events. Web developers ensure the enhancement and regular updating of our websites,

while the video team produces tech flash videos and promotional content tailored for our advocates and events. Additionally, our journalists and content creators meticulously refine content for videos, websites, and all our print and digital publications. When we collaborate on projects, it‘s like merging these unique skills into a unified force. Our teamwork strengthens our work, making it

both strong and impressive. Let me elaborate on how our team makes our upcoming Sustainability-focused Road Show successful and how it is important for SMEs and their healthy competitiveness.

Sustainability and Road Show: A Winning Combination

I would try to zoom in on our journey, honing in on the core of our efforts with the upcoming road show in October. It‘s here that the fusion of sustainability and competitiveness shines brightly, showcasing the essence of our goals. What‘s our top priority? Elevating the understanding of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about the pivotal role sustainability plays in boosting their competitive approach.

SMEs are the resilient pillars that support innovation and economic growth in the broad context of European economies. Their contributions are priceless because of their flexibility, adaptability, and constant dedication to advancement. Nevertheless, while having such great potential, these businesses frequently face problems that can slow down their pace of growth. Here is where we see how incorporating sustainability into their operating paradigms has the power to revolutionize.

And our Road Show? Well, it‘s not just a one-time thing. It‘s like a journey that‘s full of excitement and new things to discover. It‘s not just about sitting and listening to our top speakers; it‘s like being part of an adventure where you learn new stuff, share your own ideas, and make valuable connections with others. It‘s like a big, friendly gathering where everyone helps each other to succeed.

So, our Road Show is not just an event – it‘s an experience. And all thanks to the incredible teamwork that makes it all happen.

I would say that business is changing. It used to be that making money and caring about society were seen as separate things. But now, things are different. We‘re starting to understand that making money and being responsible for society actually go hand in hand. This new way of thinking is a big shift from how we used to see things. Companies now see that if they want to keep making money in the long run, they need to include taking care of the environment and society in their main plans. This change isn‘t just because people want it; it‘s also because the world is changing, and we have important global issues to tackle. At the heart of this transformation lies the concept of our road show— an event that transcends traditional boundaries and acts as a catalyst for change, is at the core of this shift. Imagine an environment where bright minds, industry top names, and pioneering experts come together to share insights, strategies, and achievements. This is the essence of our road show. By convening SMEs from diverse sectors and geographical regions, we create an ecosystem teeming with the potential for exchange of ideas and the dissemination of best practices. SMEs are given a platform to understand the underlying strategic benefit of adopting sustainable practices in this area of sustainability.

This journey of awareness and education is highlighted by the actual successes that sustainability can bring to businesses. Through engaging presentations and interactive workshops, SMEs, especially those hailing from Germany, are equipped with actionable insights into the practical implementation of sustainable practices. It‘s not just about ethics; it‘s about seizing a strategic opportunity that can amplify competitiveness and ensure sustained relevance in the ever-shifting marketplace.

Sailing Towards Prosperity and Sustainability

In my view, change is powered by inspiration, and our road show proves that. Small and mediumsized businesses (SMEs) get to see what their partners have achieved by being sustainable leaders. These real stories show how much good sustainability can do , inspiring others to do the same. When SMEs hear these honest and relatable stories , they come together and feel a shared goal. This makes them more determined to be strong supporters of sustainability.

Moreover , our road show isn ‘t confined to inspiration alone. It serves as a bridge between SMEs , experts , policymakers , and investors , fostering connections that transcend traditional silos. These connections , in turn , lead to strategic collaborations and partnerships with larger corporations , research institutions , and innovative startups. This ecosystem becomes a crucible of innovation , an exchange of technological insights , and a democratization of resources that fuels growth and nurtures universal sustainable solutions.

This smart approach shows that SMEs are responsible businesses , which builds trust with customers , attracts investors , and makes them leaders in moving towards a greener , more sustainable future. As the threads of innovation and responsibility interweave , so does the concept of Environmental , Social , and Governance (ESG) principles.

Our mission isn ‘t just about profit – it ‘s about building a business landscape that thrives while considering the environment , social impact , and good governance.

Think of ESG as the compass guiding our journey. The “ E “ reminds us of our commitment to the environment , making sustainable choices that minimize our footprint. The “ S “ emphasizes the social aspect – fostering a workplace culture of inclusivity , diversity , and fair practices. And the “ G “ underscores the importance of good governance.

ensuring transparency and ethical decision-making. These principles align seamlessly with the puzzle analogy – just as each puzzle piece contributes to the whole , ESG principles weave into the fabric of our actions , creating a harmonious business environment that ‘s not only innovative but also responsible and sustainable.

Our collaborative efforts , coupled with ESG ‘s guiding principles , not only drive business success but also lay the foundation for a brighter , more equitable future. With innovation as our engine , responsibility as our compass , and ESG as our guiding star , we ‘re following a course towards a business landscape that ‘s not just thriving , but also leaves a positive impact on society and the planet. As we navigate this exciting journey , we ‘re not just solving the puzzle – we ‘re creating a masterpiece of progress , sustainability , and prosperity.

I must say, in the European Union , the rules and regulations are changing in a big way to focus more on being sustainable. And guess what? Our road show is like a bright guiding light that helps SMEs navigate through these changing rules. It ‘s like we ‘re shining a light on a complex puzzle of new regulations. How does this help? Well , by giving SMEs a way to understand these changes , we help them adjust their business practices to follow the new rules and even get some rewards for doing so.

I must say, in the European Union , the rules and regulations are changing in a big way to focus more on being sustainable. And guess what? Our road show is like a bright guiding light that helps SMEs navigate through these changing rules. It ‘s like we ‘re shining a light on a complex puzzle of new regulations. How does this help? Well , by giving SMEs a way to understand these changes , we help them adjust their business practices to follow the new rules and even get some rewards for doing so.

In essence , this can be summed up as EUTECH ‘s relentless pursuit of competitiveness , a drive that is clearly reflected by the road show , a path lit up with the promise of lighting. As we march forward , the journey toward sustainabilitydriven competitiveness beckons, and we extend an open invitation to all stakeholders to join us in this transformative endeavor.