Sustainability and Road Show


Sierra von Tucher

Executive Director

EU Tech Chamber

Sierra von Tucher

Executive Director

In the dynamic landscape of European business, the fusion of innovation and responsibility emerges as a beacon of progress. As I step into the role of Executive Director at the EU Tech Chamber, an organization deeply committed to advancing European companies under guiding principle of “Technology Obliges,” I am thrilled to address you. We are more than just colleagues; we are a team united in our pursuit of progress. Picture us as pieces of a vast puzzle, each with our own aspirations, yet working harmoniously to enhance the whole. In this discussion, I aim to unravel the nexus between innovation, responsibility, and the mission of the EU Tech Chamber in forging a brighter future for European businesses.

Our chamber proudly comprises a dedicated team of over 60 members, each bringing a rich tapestry of experiences to our collective endeavor. EUTECH is organized into 16 Alliances, grouped into three sectors. These Alliances are guided by Directors and Coordinators who facilitate access to diverse business opportunities within our extensive network for our Advocates (members).

Our organization encompasses various departments, including IT, Development, and Marketing. Within these units, teams of experts contribute their specialized knowledge. The IT department oversees technical matters, while the development team is responsible for our tech forum, hosting digital events. Web developers ensure the continuous improvement of our websites, and the video team creates tech flash videos and promotional content tailored for our advocates and events. Additionally, our journalists and content creators refine content for videos, websites, and all our print and digital publications.

Our collaborative projects are akin to harnessing these unique talents into a synergistic force. Together, we fortify our work, making it robust and impactful. Let me delve into how our team is making our upcoming Sustainability-focused Road Show a success and why it’s crucial for SMEs and their competitive edge.

Sustainability and Road Show: A Synergistic Approach

Allow me to zoom in on our journey, focusing on the core of our efforts during the upcoming road show in October. Here, the convergence of sustainability and competitiveness takes center stage, embodying the essence of our objectives. What is our foremost priority? Enhancing the awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) regarding the pivotal role sustainability plays in enhancing their competitive strategies.

SMEs serve as the resilient pillars underpinning innovation and economic growth within the broader European context. Their contributions are invaluable due to their adaptability, flexibility, and unwavering commitment to progress. However, despite their immense potential, these enterprises often grapple with challenges that can impede their growth trajectory. This is where the integration of sustainability into their operational paradigms can be truly transformative.

Now, about our Road Show—it’s more than just a one-time event. It resembles a journey brimming with excitement and discovery. It’s not merely about sitting and listening to our esteemed speakers; it’s akin to participating in an adventure where knowledge is gained, ideas are shared, and valuable connections are forged. It resembles a large, convivial gathering where mutual support propels everyone towards success.

Hence, our Road Show transcends being a mere event; it’s an experience, made possible by the exceptional teamwork that brings it to life.

Business dynamics are evolving. In the past, profit-making and societal well-being were often seen as distinct pursuits. However, a paradigm shift is underway. We are increasingly recognizing that profitability and social responsibility are intertwined. This shift represents a departure from previous perspectives. Companies now understand that to sustain profitability over the long term, they must incorporate environmental and societal welfare into their core plans. This transformation is not solely driven by societal demands; it is also a response to a changing world marked by significant global challenges.

At the heart of this transformation lies the concept of our road show—an event that transcends traditional boundaries and serves as a catalyst for change. Picture an environment where brilliant minds, industry leaders, and pioneering experts converge to share insights, strategies, and accomplishments. This encapsulates the essence of our road show. By bringing together SMEs from diverse sectors and geographic regions, we create an ecosystem ripe for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of best practices. SMEs are provided a platform to grasp the strategic advantages of embracing sustainability within the realm of business.

This journey of enlightenment and education is underscored by tangible successes that sustainability can bestow upon enterprises. Through engaging presentations and interactive workshops, SMEs, especially those in Germany, gain actionable insights into the practical implementation of sustainable practices. It transcends mere ethics; it represents seizing a strategic opportunity that can enhance competitiveness and ensure sustained relevance in the ever-shifting marketplace.

Sailing Toward Prosperity and Sustainability

In my view, inspiration is the driving force behind change, and our road show exemplifies this concept. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) witness the achievements of their peers who have become sustainability leaders. These real-life success stories demonstrate the immense positive impact sustainability can have, inspiring others to follow suit. When SMEs hear these relatable accounts, they come together with a shared sense of purpose, further fueling their commitment to sustainability.

However, our road show isn’t limited to inspiration alone. It acts as a bridge connecting SMEs, experts, policymakers, and investors, fostering connections that transcend traditional boundaries. These connections, in turn, lead to strategic collaborations and partnerships with larger corporations, research institutions, and innovative startups. This ecosystem becomes a crucible of innovation, a conduit for the exchange of technological insights, and a democratization of resources that fuels growth and nurtures universal sustainable solutions.

This astute approach demonstrates that SMEs are responsible corporate citizens, building trust with customers, attracting investors, and positioning themselves as leaders in the transition toward a greener, more sustainable future. The threads of innovation and responsibility interweave seamlessly, mirroring the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Our mission extends beyond profit; it’s about fostering a business landscape that thrives while considering the environment, social impact, and ethical governance.

Think of ESG as the compass guiding our journey. The “E” reminds us of our commitment to the environment, making sustainable choices that minimize our ecological footprint. The “S” emphasizes the social aspect—cultivating a workplace culture characterized by inclusivity, diversity, and equitable practices. Lastly, the “G” underscores the importance of good governance, ensuring transparency and ethical decision-making. These principles harmonize with the puzzle analogy, where each piece contributes to the whole. ESG principles seamlessly integrate into our actions, forging a harmonious business environment that is not only innovative but also responsible and sustainable.

Our collaborative endeavors, coupled with ESG’s guiding principles, not only drive business success but also lay the foundation for a brighter, more equitable future. With innovation propelling us forward, responsibility serving as our compass, and ESG as our guiding star, we navigate toward a business landscape that not only thrives but also leaves a positive imprint on society and the planet. As we embark on this exciting journey, we aren’t merely solving a puzzle; we are creating a masterpiece of progress, sustainability, and prosperity.

In the European Union, regulations are undergoing substantial changes with a strong focus on sustainability. Our road show serves as a guiding light, helping SMEs navigate these evolving regulations. It illuminates the intricate puzzle of new regulations, enabling SMEs to comprehend these changes, adapt their business practices, and reap the rewards of compliance.

In conclusion, the intersection of sustainability and competitiveness forms the cornerstone of the evolution of European SMEs. Through the thematic expedition we undertake, we embody our organization’s commitment to empowering these entities. The amalgamation of technology and sustainability is not a mere option; it is a resounding call to action, a mission that encapsulates the essence of “Technology Obliges” for the upliftment of European companies. As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and responsibility, let us collectively amplify the impact of SMEs, guiding them toward a future that is both prosperous and sustainable.

In essence, this can be summarized as EUTECH’s unwavering pursuit of competitiveness—a drive vividly reflected by the road show, a path illuminated with the promise of enlightenment. As we march ahead, the journey toward sustainability-driven competitiveness beckons, and we extend an open invitation to all stakeholders to join us in this transformative endeavor.

Sierra von Tucher
Executive Director,
EU Tech Chamber