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  • Many companies in Europe face a similar task: they must undertake a huge transformation in a time marked by permanent crises such as pandemics, supply chain problems, the energy crises, the war in Europe, aggressive autocrats, recession, and inflation. In addition, there is the particular challenge of the ever-present shortage of specialists, managers and workers – and often the overload of existing teams. How to shape transformation? One way to become a transformational company is through inspiring leadership.

There is no panacea for not only overcoming the current ongoing crises, but also growing in and with them – as markets and shareholders sometimes expect. Only a set of determined strategic measures, approaches and methods can achieve this, and one of the most important is inspiring and motivating leadership. What is needed are courageous and confident leaders who do not see transformation as a threat, but as an opportunity for future-oriented further development and who knows how to take employees along emotionally and efficiently on the demanding path. In this way, they create a positive mood in the company and at all workplaces that activates people.

What is needed is information for the better instead of “just” Change

But what do we mean by transformation, especially in relation to change? Transformation is about more than classic change management, it’s about change for the better, it’s about a paradigm shift. On the other hand, we speak of change when there is no paradigm shift. The fundamental world’s views, logics and inner images of a system remain unchanged, the previous procedures, processes and structures are not fundamentally questioned. You play the same game, only with improved rules. Change management means merely developing what already exists and coordinating the actions of the actors involved accordingly. It is based on a project plan and is processed according to milestones. These are set up hierarchically from above and specified in order to meet new challenges and market conditions or to encounter a crisis. The change does not happen from within but is rather cosmetic.


Frank Scheelen
Chairman, SCHEELEN® AG
Senator of the European Senate of Economy

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