André Godo

Hamburg Senator

Andrè Godo has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in the acquisition and valuation of full stationary nursing homes, the management of nursing facilities and the development of new real estate concepts. He also operates his own full inpatient care facility and an outpatient care service in northern Germany. The European League of Football has hired him as a hygiene consultant, where he can apply his many years of experience. On March 2021 he was announced as Senator of the European Senate of Economy and Technology.

European Senate of Economy and Technology

The European Senate of Economy and Technology was founded by the Senate of Economy Austria, an honourable council that advises the government on common good interests, and by the European Technology Chamber (EUTEC), an international non-governmental organization committed to bringing together people and organizations that share a vision for building our collective future. The EUTEC is the largest technology chamber in Europe. The European Senate is an association that shares the high quality of these two organizations and combines their key messages: Technology obliges—for the common good