Dr. Hamed Beheshti

CEO/ Co-Founder

Dr. Hamed Beheshti, is the CEO/Co-founder Boreal Light GmbH in Berlin, Dr. Beheshti and his partner have designed and manufactured one of the most simple and highly affordable solar desalination system with great chance of operating safely in the most remote parts of the world. At Boreal Light GmbH, the team developed both technologies of drinking and irrigation water supply for the off-grid parts of the planet. Establishing WaterKiosk Ltd is the other initiative co-founded by Dr. Beheshti in East Africa, securing the access of local communities to products and services offered by Boreal Light GmbH. Apart from the technical/commercial aspect of his works, Dr. Beheshti has recently established OffGrid Water Alliance, as an international arm of representing the sector at the global stage. The rich on-field experiences, along his strong management skill make Dr. Beheshti always a great candidate to give speech in whatever events focusing on development and sustainability of the unprivileged parts of the world.

Boreal Light GmbH

Boreal Light GmbH is a young Berlin based company specialized on renewable energy solution for water treatment facilities. The company designs and manufactures affordable solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities around the globe. Systems manufactured by Boreal Light are capable of delivering high quality hygiene drinking, irrigation, fish farm and sanitation water from any kind of high saline and polluted water resources. Powered fully by solar, simplicity of the design and affordability of the cost of the systems manufactured by Boreal Light are the three great competences the company is proud of.