Efi Ben Artzy

Chief Growth Officer

For the last 20 years, Efi has been working both as a manager and as a consultant in various companies in Israel, Europe, and the US. Efi has a diverse background in companies’ excellence in various industries (Manufacturing, Services, High-tech, Healthcare, Startups, Etc..). He has been leading operational and business transformations to improve companies’ value to customers; Improving customer experience and success by implementing top-notch processes and better products. Efi is improving complex global operations and developing leaders and managers to achieve business growth, better product development, and innovation. Among others, Efi is a mentor at Google for Startups, and working with fintech, HR, marketing, gaming, impact, AI, and services startups to achieve innovation and better product development. As an entrepreneur, he also established 3 companies of his own.

Immersion VR

Immersion VR are a leading European VR/AR venture builder. They transform various industries providing cutting edge tools based on XR technologies. They have delivered nearly 100 projects to some of the largest companies in the world.