Franck Milet

CEO and Founder

An experienced intra- and entre-preneur enjoying work in complex, result-oriented and multicultural environments with technical background, in French / German / English. Frank Milet is an Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker. XR evangelist. EU tech Chamber Advocate

VR4 Business

VR4Business is a swiss-based company providing VR & AR services to companies. Services we provide are: – Events & Fairs: Make yourself stand out from the crowd and bring entertainment to your customers, prospects and team members. – Learning: We provide courses for public speaking, team efficiency, communication and leadership skills using VR. – Corporate Movies: Demonstrate your product/technology/installation with a short VR movie that can be shown to your customers & prospects. – Team Building: Our coaches and installations make sure your team will not forget the experience we provide. – VR and AR Development : Want augmented reality in your exhibit at your location? Or maybe custom VR development? We are here for you.