John Tidmarsh

Founder and CEO

John founded VAI Capital to mobilise innovative business models and capital to accelerate deployment of Electric Vehicles globally. Doing well and doing good are mutually interdependent, indissociable objectives. Underpinned by his values, this conviction drives John’s ambition to find ever more innovative ways to bring together capital and Purpose, at scale. John has extensive experience creating shared value at the cross-roads of government, investment, business and civil society. Throughout his eighteen years in sustainable finance, John conceived, co-structured and/or raised capital for multiple funds including: a US$ 350 million sustainable infrastructure fund, a EUR 100 million sustainable VC fund and a US$ 30 million clean energy value-chain fund. John holds a Finance and entrepreneurship MBA, a BA and MA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge, and has diplomas from the Climate Leadership Programme at the University of Cambridge and the Fintech Programme at the University of Oxford. John is fluent in English, French and Italian.

VAI Capital

VAI Capital is an investment advisory and management company whose mission is to scale deployment of low-carbon road transport solutions. Our team has over 50 years combined experience in electric vehicle and renewable energy technology, project development, and fund management. Our first fund, the Vehicle Electrification Fund Africa, will address typical barriers to EV adoption by providing commercial fleets with vehicles and charging infrastructure, as-a-service. In deploying capital to fast-track EV adoption, VAI Capital will have a meaningful and measurable impact on both people and planet.