Kimani Gichuche

Executive Director

Evan Kimani Gichuche, is a Christian entrepreneur specializing in solar energy. He is passionate about excellence, integrity and diligence and demonstrates it in how he handles himself and those around him. His vision is to have impacted his community by providing them with reliable technological solutions, increasing their income and quality of life. Kimani’s interest in engineering started early. He was admitted at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DKUT) where he attained two degrees; Telecommunications and Information Engineering and; Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Notably, he spent his long holidays working on construction sites to gain experience. Over the years, Kimani has served in several capacities within construction and engineering. His first company was Equatorial Energies implementing >3MW. However, he left when due to other founders insisting to unethical business practices. He was later employed to construct 2*48MW solar plants and owners site manager. He later resigned and started Adili Solar hubs to bring clean energy to rural communities advancing their economic gains and quality of life. Kimani is a firm believer that in order to transform others, you have to transform thyself. He spends time mentoring others and is also involved in other community-based activities such as rotary club

Adili Solar Hubs Limited

Adili Solar Hubs is a locally led social enterprise that focuses on building and running Water Energy and Food projects based in rural economies. The inextricable interlinkages of Water-Food-Energy are critical to sustainable development and climate adaptation and resilience.