Maarten Vandecruys

Founder & CTO

Maarten Vandecruys is the Founder and CTO of Urban Crop Solutions. After graduating from Vlerick Business School in 2014, he started Urban Crop Solutions. During his endeavour to find solutions for the challenges global plant production is faced with, he started using technology to increase crop quality while minimising our planet’s resources. In 2017, Maarten was invited to give a TED Talk to highlight the impact that globalisation and the modern food supply chain has on the planet, and how indoor farming alleviates this burden. Urban Crop Solutions combines factory engineering and indoor plant biology to offer end-to-end solutions for Indoor Vertical Farming. Based on 7 years of research and real-life trials in their own research centre, Urban Crop Solutions helps clients select the right plant varieties with the right growth recipe for the requirements of their crop or end-product. Urban Crop Solutions designs, manufactures, and installs automated Plant Factories that can scale to the needs of any business. Their team helps you in your journey to yield and support your first harvest.

Urban Crop Solutions

Urban Crop Solutions is a turnkey solutions provider in the fast-emerging indoor vertical farming industry. Urbana installs fully automated growth infrastructure using LED lighting that produces the healthiest and most cost efficient leafy greens whenever and wherever you want! The R&D department has developed growth recipes for more than 200 crop varieties. Urbana is a one-stop-shop in terms of plant growth infrastructure as well as the after sales service (including seeds, substrates, nutrients and licenses on plant grow recipes) for a grower to be able to run the vertical farm with ease. They also develop growth recipes for food, herbs, R&D, retail, medicinal and cosmetics.