Patience Chindong


I am a passionate and committed Communication and Project Management Specialist trained in Cameroon and the Netherlands (WUR). I work to improve the livelihoods of underprivileged communities and assisting prospective African agribusinesses and students develop skills and linkages with prospective European investors and educational institutions. From my work experiences in the private sector and non-governmental organizations, I have developed better marketing & communication, project management, facilitation and negotiation competencies, allowing me to better foster increased productivity, people empowerment, trade and skills development that would benefit both Africans and Europeans in a sustainable manner. Realising that adequate and timely information on opportunities is a major player in profitable decision-making but often lacked by Africans, my passion is to drive this area by making relevant information available to African agri-businesses with focus to women small scale farmer cooperatives who have little or no information about external markets & funding, and students. This is intended to be a win-win for all parties. Through our services at EuroAfri Link (EAL), I am confident that Africans can benefit from trade (ready market) for their produce, profitable areas for funding agri-projects and counselling for further studies in European accredited universities. Europeans would benefit from fresh agri-produce; profit from investment drives, and increased entrance of high caliber students into their universities.

EuroAfri Link

EuroAfri Link (EAL) connects African agri-producers, businesses and students with European buyers, funders, and accredited universities. Matchmaking is their passion and core business. But, they are more than that – they stand for fair chances for African businesses and students.