Saed Harsini

Managing Director

Saed Harsini is a Medical Doctor who spent more than thirty years of his life on researching and studying the knowledge of fungi and their application in healthy nutrition and food security, health and wellness and various branches of green and environmentally friendly industries and agricultural products without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and affect the economy of communities for eliminate hunger and hidden hunger a better human life. He believes that the best teacher for us is nature and that all components of the universe are intelligent and interact with each other. Fungi are one of these intelligent creatures that have saved life on Earth at different times. After the Ice Age 2.5 billion years ago, in an age when more than 95% of all organisms were extinct and the planet was full of dead plant and animal remains, fungi reclaimed all of them and brought life back to Earth. Mushrooms can help us again, and by better understanding their language, we can find better ways to interact with nature. In addition, has a master’s degree in information technology and business intelligence, as well as a MBA and postdoctoral in global SME management. With the establishment of Sarin Fam Sabz Company and with the cooperation of a team of mycologists and biotechnologists, it has been working on various applications of edible and medicinal mushrooms since 2005. “Learn from nature” is his motto and his dream is to establish a university of nature. And in his opinion, our best heritage for the future is the preservation of the environment and nature.

Sarin Fam Sabz

Sarin Fam Co. was established in 2007 and covers an area of 10,000 square meters and more than 2,500 square meters of production buildings, clean rooms, research department on edible and medicinal mushroom and with a team of researchers in the fields of agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, bioresonance, as the first laboratory for the production of spawn and mother culture.