Stephan Mangold


After studying economic science with sustainability as a main and economics with energy economics and the master thesis about levelized costs of electricity I worked for an organization, but quickly figured out I wanted to create something by myself. On backpacking trips as well as on events and festivals around Berlin the huge amount of waste caused by single-use waste motivated me to create a multifunctional bottle preventing both disposable bottles and cups. The idea was born.

Unda GmbH

The UNDA is a unique long-lasting, lightweight and sustainable multifunctional bottle with an innovative 3-in-1 technology (European Patent Application) to prevent the problem of environmental pollution caused by disposable bottles and cups. The UNDA is a bottle, big cup and box in one. With the UNDA living a ZERO WASTE lifestyle is much more convenient without compromising on your lifestyle. Plus, it is made according to ecodesign directives, that makes the bottle easy to reuse, easy to clean and 100% suitable to the requirements of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.